Decentralized ERC2O Video Game Cryptocurrency


What Scarcecoin is all about

Hi, I am Ade and with me are host of team members working alongside me on this project. I am going to be the face of ScarceCoin or you could call me the CEO if you like, after all I am the brain behind the project. Before introducing ScarceCoin formally let me briefly introduce myself. I am a game freak and could play video games all through the day. Countless times I have imagined if all I could just be doing is playing games but that means I am not going to work and not working means I am not going to earn a living. But what if I could possibly earn a living from just playing games. Then I have a job, a professional gamer! I present to all game freak and crypto lovers like me ScarceCoin Decentralized Game Project.

Scarcecoin is a decentralized peer to peer proof of stake standard ERC20 token backed crypto project. The aim of the scarcecoin project is to develop a decentralized gaming platform(desktop and mobile) where gamers not only play video games for leisure but can also taking gaming as a profession and earn decent income from just doing nothing else but playing video games. ScarceCoin will be used as the game currency on exchanges like the bitcoin loophole software.

Gone are the days when wealth can only be created through physical labour but in this current digital age wealth can be created through information and ideas. No longer should a gamer spend hours trying to complete as task or getting a mission accomplished in a video game without the possibility of earning something economically viable.

Game developers make huge profits from developing interesting and addictive mobile/desktop games which a gamer pays to download and play but will not get anything in return other than getting entertained. Scarcecoin intend to transform the game industry, like professional and even amateur sport men and women earn millions from doing what they love most we believe a gamer should also be able to earn if not millions but thousands of dollars from doing what they love; playing games.

This is going to be a great transformation in the gaming industry and we believe that it is just what millions of gamers around the world have just been waiting for. The time is now to make the gamers dream come true.


ICO will launch in February, 2018 for a period of 3 months in 4 price rounds but at a rock bottom price of $0.01/coin. However all available ICO coin will be offered up for sale at once and could be completely sold out at any of the rounds.

$0.01 / coin
$0.01 / coin
$0.02 / coin
$0.05 / coin

Buying our token is very simple. Whether you sign-up or not you can buy our token straight to your ERC20 wallet by simply sending the amount of ether you wish to purchase token with to the Crowdsale contract: 0xb828c47317aa70cc96b597824854c4bcec4051ff and token immediately get transferred to your wallet by smart contract.
1ETH = 100k SCO token.
Once done add token details to your wallet to show your balance. Token details
Symbol: SCO
decimal: 18
Token Contract:0x0df600c873da796c3ef6d6a0472772eb954d6986

You are therefore required to send ether to buy the token from an ethereum wallet that is ERC20 compatible. For this we strongly recommend Myetherwallet.


Stake Interest

100% Annually


Ethereum Network

Maximum Supply

14 Billion Coins

Circulating Supply

1.4 Billion Coins



    Feb 1 - April 30 2018

    ICO crowdsale


    May 2018

    Launch on exchanges and coin market cap


    June 2018

    Release of mobile wallet


    July 2018

    Game platform launch


    August 2018

    Collaborations with big giants in gaming industry


    September 2018

    Release of API for game developers

All through the rest of 2018 and into 2019, further development and improvement will be continued on the platform to bring out the best for all stake holders in ScarceCoin project.

Earn coin bonus when you refer a friend

To further make ScarceCoin a true community backed project we have deemed it fit that investors who are able to share their referral link with friends to spread awareness of ScarceCoin project will have 5000 ScarceCoin free for every person that signed up with their referral link. This means by having just 10 referrals you are qualified for 50000 Scarcecoins which will be airdropped after ICO. See whitepaper for bounty rewards.